Support Contracts

Motion Lab Systems offers simple, easy to understand, support contracts for the hardware and software that we manufacture.

All software produced by Motion Lab Systems, Inc., comes with a full one year warranty, which covers updates and service to registered users.

Terms and Conditions

Motion Lab Systems offers support contracts for its software and hardware subject to the terms and conditions shown below. All service and support will, unless otherwise stated, be issued via phone, facsimile or e-mail.

Software Support

The registered user of a current software package produced by Motion Lab Systems, Inc., (as determined by the words "Copyright Motion Lab Systems" appearing in the installation script) is entitled to receive the latest version of their registered software package(s) at no charge during the duration of this contract. The registered user will automatically receive updated registration serial numbers for each registered copy of Motion Lab Systems, Inc software purchased by the covered facility. Motion Lab Systems, Inc. support staff will notify all covered users of errors found within the covered software that seriously affects its operation. Our support personnel will assist customers with any questions regarding installation, interfacing or operational issues with the covered software package.

Hardware Support

The items covered under the Motion Lab Systems, Inc. include the patient back pack unit, desk-top interface unit and interconnecting coaxial cable. All other items such as electrodes, event switches, event switch cables, belts, vests, and other accessories are deemed disposable and therefore are not covered under the hardware support contract. The support contract covers replacement and/or repair (by fastest available service) of any covered item that is defective from the manufacturer or fails during regular use. Mishandling or misuse accidental or deliberate damage of the covered product or its parts is not covered under this service contract. Support will be made available to help the user through complete installation and testing of the replacement component if appropriate.

Not covered

Our service contracts do not cover on-site support. On-site support is available upon request. A trained technician will visit your location to assist, train and advise Motion Lab systems users on all aspects of their system and/or software. Per day charges are issued directly for this service.