Edmund Cramp, President

Edmund has a long history of working with gait and motion analysis systems starting with VICON in 1981. Edmund formed Motion Lab Systems in the late 1980's to provide reliable EMG systems and other equipment for gait and biomechanics labs throughout the world. Motion Lab Systems believes that customer support is the basis for a successful company and supports its users worldwide via e-mail and the Internet, while still ensuring that any user can discuss a problem with a friendly voice on the telephone when necessary.

Carolyn Maher, Financial Controller

Carolyn has over eighteen years of financial management experience. Her expertise has been essential in the development of Motion Lab Systems. Carolyn has been working with gait and motion labs since 1992 and regularly attends conferences and exhibitions. Carolyn is also involved in many aspects of product development and corporate planning for the company.

Motion Lab Systems Associates

Chris LeBlanc, BSc - Customer and Sales Support

Chris is a Louisiana native and a 2007 graduate of LSU with a degree in Chemistry and Business Administration. He started with Motion Lab Systems in autumn of 2007.

Sameer Kolangaradath, BE., MS - Software Programming

Sameer Kolangaradath earned a Bachelor of Engineering in 1993 and his Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering from Texas A&M in 1995. His masters included an Internship at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital where he worked on EMG and statistical analysis software. An expert C++ programmer with extensive experience in the gait and motion capture environment, Sameer works closely with Edmund Cramp on a day by day basis to create and maintain our software products.

Melinda Combs, MSc - Documentation and Research

Melinda began her career in biomechanics at the University of Maryland, College Park and worked with Dr. Steven Stanhope in the Biomechanics Laboratory at the National Institutes of Health, as well as the gait lab at the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Washington, DC. She has been working with gait and motion lab users since 1993 and assists Motion Lab Systems with research, documentation and software methodology.

Amanda Greenlee, Product Marketing

Amanda is a native of Baton Rouge, and graduated from Louisiana State University with a degree in Marketing. She joined Motion Lab Systems in May, 2002 and consults in product marketing.

Jim Pearce - Product Manufacturing Consultant

Jim Pearce runs Pegasus Technologies, Inc. and has a BSEE and a Masters of Electrical Engineering from Cornell University. With more than 30 years of experience in advanced electronic design, he is an expert in the areas of wireless, RF, spread spectrum, microwave, GPS, microprocessor, digital logic, software and firmware design, and analog circuit and system design and development.

Norman Blais - System Manufacturing

Norm Blais runs Electronic Manufacturing Corporation (EMC), a fully GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant, FDA inspected facility that uses the latest technology to ensure the highest possible manufacturing quality standards. Motion Lab Systems and EMC work closely together to ensure that manufacturing costs are controlled and the equipment quality is uncompromised.

Thomas Saliga, BSEE, MSEE - Hardware Design

Tom Saliga has been responsible for the circuit design of many Motion Lab Systems products and now runs his own company (Electronic Design Associates) providing product design services. With more than twenty years experience in electronic design and signal processing Tom is a vital part of our design effort. His expertise in these fields has resulted in more than fourteen electronics patents for work done for NASA, Honeywell, Paradyne and Critikon.