Corporate History

Motion Lab Systems Inc., is wholly owned and controlled by Edmund Cramp and Carolyn Maher who have extensive experience with Clinical and Motion Analysis laboratories throughout the United States. We are independent and have no connection or ownership affiliation with any Motion Capture system supplier.

Motion Lab Systems has developed a reputation for supplying reliable, first class products to gait labs throughout the world. We have over seventeen years of experience in the design, configuration and installation of Gait and Motion Analysis Laboratories and can provide consultation and design assistance to anyone planning a Gait or Motion Laboratory.

Motion Lab Systems was started in 1987, in Tampa, Florida by Edmund Cramp, who was also the President of Oxford Metrics, Inc at that time. The aim was simple - build a better EMG system - the need was obvious as Oxford Metrics Inc was selling a third-party telemetry EMG system at that time which was unreliable and produced poor quality data. At that time all Clinical EMG systems were either, radio-telemetry based, or simple hardwired systems that required the subject to drag a thick cable containing a separate wire for each muscle. The radio-telemetry systems were convenient but very expensive and had reliability and data quality problems, while the cabled systems were cheap, but inconvenient to use and didn't produce data of a much higher quality than the radio-telemetry systems.

The introduction of the MA-100 EMG system in 1987, with its lightweight cable and high quality data, set a new price and performance landmark that revolutionized the study of EMG in the Gait Lab by combining the easy of telemetry with the affordability of a cabled system.

With the success of the first MA-100 systems, Motion Lab Systems expanded to build the first, commercially available, wand marker sets for Clinical Gait Analysis, developed the Knee Alignment Device, and introduced our first software application - a DOS-based EMG Analysis program based on techniques developed at Helen Hayes Hospital and Newington Children's Hospital.

In 1992 we moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana and started to expand - Carolyn Maher joined the company bringing many years of commercial and financial experience to Motion Lab Systems. With over 100 MA-100 systems in the field we introduced the MA-200 system and expanded our range of software programs with the introduction of a graphical C3D file editor and additional EMG Analysis applications.

With the increasing success of Motion Lab systems products, 1997 marked the end of our association with Oxford Metrics and the start of our complete independence. Sameer Kolangaradath joined Motion Lab Systems as a full time programmer with several years of experience writing clinical and research software in the gait environment. Now, completely independent, we were free to develop software applications that we viewed as important to the gait environment.

The 1998-2001 period marked the introduction of a number of new software applications and three new EMG systems - six, ten and sixteen channel MA-300 systems, bringing an affordable upgrade path to the gait lab community. In addition we have started to offer additional products from other vendors where they complement our range of products.

Since 2000, Motion Lab Systems has continued to expand, adding new sales staff and continuing to add new features and products. This period culminated with the MA-300 product range completing CE certifications and by the end of 2001 Motion Lab systems has outgrown its original offices. In January 2002 Motion Lab Systems moved to a new building with 2500 square feet of office space together with additional storage and display areas.