An add-on package for Vicon Clinical Manager gives VCM the ability to display raw EMG data as well at the envelope displays generated by the VCM software.

EMG4VCM software enhances the EMG envelope reports generated by the VICON Clinical Manager (the first clinical software application used by many VICON systems) producing raw EMG displays within the standard VCM graphs. This feature allows the clinical reviewer to determine the quality of the original signal by examining the unprocessed original EMG signal directly instead of from crude envelope reports.


The EMG4VCM program is an "add-on" for the VICON Clinical Manager (Oxford Metrics Ltd.) that uses the same EMG and gait data that the VCM uses, but writes raw EMG to the final report instead of the standard filtered envelope. You can have the raw EMG data supersede the original envelope data or be added to the report in addition to the original envelope. Written as a native 32-bit program for Windows 95/98/NT/XP, this program will run in the background while you use VCM and can be called up to generate raw EMG reports as soon as VCM has finished processing the trial and created the GCD file.

The program connects to the standard VCM database to ensure that it uses the same files and gait cycle as VCM.EMG4VCM then extracts the raw EMG data from the correct gait cycle within the original C3D file and inserts it into the GCD file that is used to produce the VCM report virtually instantly. A manual, with full installation instructions, is available in Adobe PDF format.


  • Create VCM reports featuring raw EMG data instead of envelope EMG.
  • Manual or automatic VCM database access using 32-bit ODBC.
  • Write the contents of the VCM database to a text file.
Click here to see a VCM report
Envelope graphs

The envelope EMG graph to the left was generated from a fine wire recording of muscle activity during gait that was recorded using an MLS EMG system. This envelope display is the only EMG reporting format supplied by Oxford Metrics for the VICON Clinical Manager.

Click here to see a VCM report
Raw EMG graphs

The EMG graph to the left was generated from exactly the same data as the previous graph and plotted in the same report using the VICON Clinical Manager software with additional processing of the GCD file by EMG4VCM.

The raw EMG graphs produced by EMG4VCM can either supercede the default VCM envelope graphs or be presented as additional graphs, side by side with the original VCM output.


While the envelope report is often enough to aid in a diagnoses, only a raw EMG report can give the confidence that the reported envelope data is accurate. Click on either of the the graphs above to view a full screen report using EMG4VCM.

VCM database

The EMG4VCM application offers two database access modes - manual data entry or automatic ODBC database access. In manual mode the user has only to select the correct files and enter the start and ending frame numbers to generate a report. The ODBC database access mode takes the guesswork out of this - all the user has to do is browse the VCM database and click on the subject trial to produce a raw EMG report.

EMG4VCM can access the VCM database

EMG4VCM makes extensive use of the VCM database to ensure that the reports that it creates use exactly the same gait cycles as the VCM. EMG4VCM allows uses to browse through the VCM database with an intuative user interface to select the trial data for processing.

In addition to generating raw EMG reports, you can also sort and write the VCM database contents out to an ASCII text file for record keeping and further processing. This "bonus" feature in EMG4VCM gives VCM users the ability to "export" the trial database information in ASCII to other programs - a feature missing from VICON Clinical Manager.