This is a free suite of tools that features the MLSviewer, a file viewer that displays the analog and 3D data present in any C3D formatted file, together with all of the parameters that are created and stored in the C3D files by C3D compatible applications. The MLSviewer allows anyone to quickly and easily inspect individual data channels to verify data quality and the exact parameter structure of any C3D file.

The free MLSviewer displays the contents of C3D filesThe MLSviewer include the ability to copy data graphics to other applications via the clipboard (copy and paste) so that it's easy to paste a data graphic directly into an email or Word document. The MLSviewer includes a full context-sensitive, interactive help facility that documents the application as well as providing extensive information on other file formats that it supports (CAMARC DST, EXP, GCD, PGD, VDO and GCD file formats). A manual in Adobe PDF format is included.

As a file viewer the application can be safely used by anyone as it simply views the file contents and does not allow any changes to the files that it opens. In addition, the MLSviewer installation also includes separate tools to search C3D files, edit DST and GCD files as well as sample data and documentation:

C3Dsearch is a simple tool that can quickly search a directory tree (root directory and all sub-directories) for C3D files that have specific data or parameter values. This makes it easy to located all of the C3D files on a disk that contain any particular set of data values or parameters.

DSTeditor is a graphical file editor for DST and GCD files - these are ASCII data files commonly used to store processed gait data. GCD files can be generated from Vicon C3D and Motion Analysis XLS files by our ReportGenerator application.

GCDexport is a program that can average the contents of GCD files and also export GCD data into formats suitable for analysis by statistical analysis applications such as SAS and Statistica for example. GCDexport makes it simple to open thousands of GCD files and extract only the desired dataset e.g. RightKneeAngle, PelvicObliquity etc.

CAMARC documentation. The MLSviewer opens most of the file formats created by the CAMARC project and includes full descriptions of these formats.

C3D files are produced by most major motion capture vendors and can contain raw and processed data and parameters. Full documentation of the C3D file format can be downloaded from the C3D web site.