C3Deditor Software

"I think the editor looks very good, and I would like to have a permanent copy of it for testing any changes that I might make to C3D in the future."- Andrew Danis, Adtech, Inc. Author of the C3D file format.

C3D file editorThe C3Deditor from Motion Lab Systems is a full-feature, graphical, C3D file editing program that automatically creates, edits, deletes, filters, interpolates and displays all of the data and parameters within any C3D file. Fully supports C3D files in all SUN, DEC and PC formats, converts C3D files between any of the different C3D data formats and imports ASCII data from Excel spreadsheets. It includes a powerful (and easy to use) batch editing mode that makes the frequent creation and modification of C3D files easy!

All of these features, and more, are available in this easy-to-use program which is in almost daily use at many major biomechanics labs and motion capture manufacturers.

Note that if you simply require very basic C3D file editing abilities then you may want to look at the C3Dserver companion application which includes a free C3D file editing application written in Visual Basic using the C3Dserver functions and supplied with full VB source code. This free application offers the ability to modify and edit most parameters and data points although it is much slower than the C3Deditor and lacks many of the advanced features of this application.

Display and Navigate the C3D format in Windows

  • Display and navigate the complex structure of the C3D file in an easy-to-understand view with a few mouse clicks!
  • Display any 3D trajectory or Analog data value graphically and numerically.
  • "Smart" editing of data and parameters keeps all standard C3D parameters up to date as you edit.
  • Automatically highlight 3D data with high residuals in red so that you can instantly see any problem areas in your data.
  • Edit any part of the C3D file - header, parameters or data including "locked" parameters. For safety, the editing of "locked" parameters can be disabled by the system manager.
  • Create, Delete and Modify parameters and data automatically with a powerful "Batch" mode that automates any repetitive editing.
  • Includes High Pass, Low Pass, Band Pass, and Band Stop filtering of 3D and Analog data using a Finite Impulse Response (FIR) or Butterworth filter.
  • Most operations can be automated to be applied automatically when a file is opened.
  • "Delete and Fill" feature to make rapid edits to remove both 3D data glitches and glitches (artifact) in analog data channels.
  • A "drag and drop" batch mode can be configured to perform almost any repetitive parameter or data editing function.


  • Create/Edits any C3D data - Data and Parameters can be edited in a fully visible Windows environment. Prior to the introduction of the C3Deditor, the only tools available for editing C3D files were MSDOS, command line programs that most new users found intimidating. Parameter and data editing to "smart" so that all standard C3D parameters are automatically updated during the editing process.
  • Exchange data with Excel Spreadsheets - The C3Deditor can import and export 2D, 3D and Analog data from Excel Spreadsheets. This feature enables standard C3D files to be created from almost any data source and allows C3D files to be creates with data from almost any manufacturers system.
  • Filter, Interpolate and Translate - The C3Deditor includes a standard Butterworth and sophisticated digital FIR filter for both analog and video data. 3D data can also be interpolated using a spline interpolation or based on residual values. Analog data can be transparently converted between signed binary (Motion Analysis Corporation) and unsigned binary (Oxford Metrics) formats.
  • Powerful "drag and drop" Batch Mode - Many editing, filtering and interpolation tasks are repetitive. The C3Deditor includes a powerful drag and drop "batch" mode so that the users and easily specify any sequence commands within the C3Deditor for immediate execution whenever a file is opened. C3D files can be dropped onto a desktop icon and automatically processed. The C3Deditor is supplied with more than 25 sample batch files that demonstrate many complex programming tasks that are trivial for the C3Deditor.
  • Demonstration Version - An evaluation version of the C3Deditor is available for download - a tutorial in Adobe PDF format can also be downloaded and printed. The evaluation version is fully functional but limited to saving files of less than 100 frames and displaying eight analog channels. Contact us for registration details or further information. A tutorial manual in PDF format can be downloaded.
  • Fully Supported - All registered copies come with a full color 100+ page manual with a tutorial and include full support for one year for all users at your site.

The C3Deditor, like all Motion Lab Systems applications, is a site licensed application. The purchase of a single C3Deditor license allows multiple copies of the software to be used within any given environment, permitting its use on multiple computers, laptops etc., making it very easy to use in academic and research environments without any hardware access keys or restrictive licensing requirements.