Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance and Quality Control in Biomechanics have been the watch-words of Motion Lab Systems from the start and we are pleased to be able to continue to offer the Gait and Biomechanics user a number of important products that help define and improve data quality.

KAD (Knee Alignment Device) - Motion Lab Systems developed the Knee Alignment device originally used by the Vicon Clinical Manager (VCM) software from Oxford Metrics Ltd. The knee alignment device (or KAD) is used during static trials to independently define the flexion axis of the subjects knee prior to a series of walking trials.

MTD-2 - A simple test using the MTD-2 in any gait analysis lab can document relationship of any force plate within any 3D data collection volume. The device is simple to use - just assemble and use it to apply a force to the plate that you wish to test. Analyze the data using the associated CalTester software package.