MA-420 EMG pre-amplifier

MA-420 - An EMG preamplifier with a x20 gain, designed for disposable gel electrodes.

MA420The MA-420 EMG pre-amplifier has been designed to use disposable gel electrodes to provide superb performance in day to day clinical use, as well as in the hands of the researcher or first time user. Like all our designs, the MA-420 pre-amplifier incorporates radio frequency interference (RFI) filters and electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection circuitry resulting in an extraordinarily reliable EMG pre-amplifier for use in almost any environment.

Featuring a differential input, the unique design of the Motion Lab Systems EMG pre-amplifiers enables researchers to produce high-quality, low-noise EMG data from subjects under the most adverse conditions (e.g. on treadmills, using mobile phones etc.) with minimal, post collection, signal processing. When used with our MA-300 EMG systems, this pre-amplifier meets ISEK bandwidth requirements and is especially useful is high sweat/moisture situations.

  • Uses disposable gel electrodes that can be applied to any muscle - including the back, buttocks, neck and jaw etc.
  • The completely encapsulated design works well under the most active situations eliminating problems with sweat and moisture on the skin surface.
  • Direct EMG pre-amplification close to the signal source provides the highest myoelectric signal quality for accurate, reliable EMG signal detection and reduces cable motion artifact from long signal cables.
  • Internal RFI and ESD protection prevents radio frequency interference and static damage.
  • The low-impedance output of the pre-amplifier eliminates cable noise and cable motion artifacts without requiring any additional signal processing within the pre-amplifier.
  • An integral ground reference plane within the preamplifier provides immunity to electromagnetic environmental noise.
  • All signal and power conductors in the pre-amplifier cable are enclosed inside an independent, isolated shield to eliminate interference from AC power-lines and other sources of interference.
  • All subject contacts are via disposable gel electrode using standard snap electrodes.
  • Moisture Proof construction using biocompatible housing materials to prevent allergic reactions.
Mechanical Specifications
  • Sensor Contacts - two standard snap connectors (black).
  • Reference Contact - one standard snap connector (green).
  • Body Size - 32mm x 19mm x 16mm.
  • Weight - 12 grams (including snaps but excluding lead and connector).
  • Cable Length - 1.25 metres.
  • Temperature Range - 0 to 40 degrees C.
Electrical Specifications
  • Gain at 1 kHz x20 ±1%
  • Input Impedance > 100,000,000 ohms.
  • Noise < 1.2uV RMS
  • CMRR > 100 dB at 65Hz.
  • Input Protection - RFI and ESD protected.
  • Signal Bandwidth - 10Hz to 2,000Hz (-3dB).
  • Power supply range ±5 Volts to ±15 Volts
  • Power consumption 2.4mA per rail throughout supply voltage range.
Connector Options
  • MA-420-000 - no connector
  • MA-420-002 - Binder - 4 pin male.
  • MA-420-003 - 00 LEMO - 4 pin male.