Windaq/PRO - real time EMG data acquisition

Motion Lab Systems supports stand-alone, real-time data acquisition via the MA-720 system. The MA-720 can record up to 32 channels of analog data with a total throughput of 200kHz.  The MA-720 offers many useful features such as data over sampling, channel labeling, time and date stamping and programmable gain that make it a perfect solution for all your EMG data collection needs.

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All MA-720 systems include WINDAQ/LITE, an application that can display up to 16 channels of raw EMG data or other analog signals. The purchase of the WINDAQ/PRO software enables the user to simultaneously record these signals to disk while viewing them. Naturally, all relevant Motion Lab Systems software packages read the files produced by the MA-720 software.

The WINDAQ/PRO software offers the following features:

  • Live recording of up to 32 channels of EMG data directly to disk (record up to 240 Channels with additional hardware).
  • True Multitasking Operation allowing the WINDAQ/PRO software to run on the same PC as many other applications.
  • Display up to 32 EMG channels simultaneously.
  • Exclusive Heads-up Display - From 1 to 32 channels. Smooth scrolling or triggered sweep with level, slope and source selections.
  • Zero plot delay for true real time performance during waveform recording to disk.
  • Display speed can be independent of sample rate.
  • Automatic Time and Date Stamping - Correlates waveform data with time and date of acquisition with 1 second resolution.
  • Gap-free Disk Streaming - Creates data files limited in length only by the size of your disk.
  • Real Time Scaling - Scales each waveform display channel in its own unit of measure.

The WINDAQ/PRO data acquisition software package offers real time display and disk streaming for the Windows environment. WINDAQ/LITE (included with the MA-720 at no charge) offers most of the features of WINDAQ/PRO except that it is not capable of recording EMG signals. The real time display can operate in a smooth scroll or triggered sweep mode of operation, and can be scaled into any unit of measure including micro volts at skin surface.  The multitasking abilities of the WINDAQ software allows EMG data capture and the real-time display of the data to function in the background while running any combination of programs in the foreground.

Review and analyze your recorded data with WINDAQ Waveform Browser, a data playback and analysis package that is included free with both the LITE and PRO versions of WINDAQ. This software provides full support for the Windows enhanced mode so you have complete multitasking capability allowing the end user to record and analyze data at the same time.

The WINDAQ/LITE software is included at no charge with every hardware purchase that does not include WINDAQ/PRO software. WINDAQ/LITE is a 16 channel version of WINDAQ/PRO that works at the full sample rate of the instrument, but is restricted to a maximum throughput of 240 Hz when recording to disk.