Belts and Jackets

Motion Lab Systems offers a wide range of accessories for use with our EMG systems and other data collection needs in any biomechanics, gait or motion capture application. Custom made for Motion Lab Systems, each jacket or belt has a large Velcro pad to hold an EMG back-pack or other laboratory equipment such as the electronics pods used by Polhemus and other similar Motion Tracker Systems.

Both belts and jackets include Velcro attached fasteners to secure cables for a neat and tidy appearance, preventing any wires from catching on walkers or crutches during a testing session. All belts and jackets are manufactured with a Latex Free construction and are available in a variety of sizes. Thay are easy to care for, can easily be customized for different subjects or protocols as the material is easily trimmed with. All belts and jackets are fully washable - gentle machine cycle.

Subject Belts

The belts are available two sizes, suitable for children and adults.

MA-140 for Childs belt.

MA-141 for Adults belt.

Subject Jackets

The Jackets are also available in several sizes:

MA-142 Childs jacket - 22" waist, 9.5" high

MA-143 Adult jacket - 39" waist, 16" high

MA-144 Teen jacket - 29" waist, 14" high

MA-145 Small Adult jacket - 32" waist, 16.5" high

The exact style and color may vary depending on available stock.