Accessories for Gait and Biomechanics Labs

Motion Lab Systems offers a wide range of accessories for use with our EMG systems and other data collection needs in any biomechanics, gait or motion capture application.

Belts and Jackets - We have designed and offer a range of washable, latex free, belts and jackets that can be comfortably worn by almost any subject and used to carry equipment such as our EMG backpacks etc. These are available in a range of sizes to suit both children and adults.

Wraps and Straps - We offer a choice of two products for attaching the preamplifiers to the subject. These are 3M Coban, a Latex free self adherant wrap or the washable, reusable Velcro and Neoprene straps.

Event Switches - Motion Lab Systems has designed and offers a lightweight, ultra-thin, switch that can be placed under a subjects foot to record heel-strike, toe-off or other gait event information. These switches weigh less 0.5gm each, are less than 1mm thick, and are ideal for reliable gait cycle detection.

Goniometers - We stock a range of Biometrics (formerly Penny and Giles) electrogoniometers and interface cables. These single and dual channel goniometers have long been recognized as the "gold standard" for accuracy and repeatability in many biomechanics research applications.

In addition to offering electrogoniometers, Motion Lab Systems has designed a simple, dual channel interface that powers the goniometer and produces a 2 Volt at a 90 degree angular measurement. This interface can greatly simplify many research projects by allowing the goniometer to be interfaced directly to many common recording and measurement systems.

Cables - Motion Lab Systems stocks and offers cables for all our products, including discontinued items. Please contact us if you have a special requirement - we are happy to manufacture custom cables to allow our users to interface our systems to any measurement or recording system.

Fine Wire Electrodes - We stock 30mm and 50mm fine-wire bi-polar needle electrodes with long lead wires that are made specifically for gait testing.

Muscle Stimulators - We do not sell muscle stimulators for use with fine wire electrodes but many users reports that an inexpensive, battery powered unit made by Neuro Technology Incorporated works well. The "Micro Stim" is available from several medical equipment suppliers who maintain Internet web sites. A simple search for "Neuro Technology" and "MicroStim" will usually locate one. All Motion Lab Systems preamplifiers are fully protected and can not be damaged by muscle stimulation pulses.

Retro-reflective Tape - We stock 25.4mm wide Scotchlite retro-reflective tape manufactured by 3M and can supply small quantities or 50m rolls of tape. Other widths are available on request.