Motion Lab Systems, Inc., has been manufacturing high quality EMG systems and other components for the Gait Analysis and Biomechanics environment since 1987. We have maintained a reputation for superb support and service for our products and we work continuously to ensure customer satisfaction. Click on any of the links on this page for details of our product range.

EMG Systems - We offer a range of 6, 10 and 16 channel EMG systems designed specifically for use in the Clinical Gait and Biomechanics Laboratories. Each system provides the specified number of EMG channels in addition to 8 event switch channels and 4 low bandwidth research channels. All systems carry 510(k) approval to market under regulation 890.1375 for Clinical EMG use with human subjects. Naturally all systems also carry CE, UL, CSA, and FCC certifications and are delivered with a guaranteed installation and a two year warranty on all major components.

Active EMG pre-amplifiers - High quality pre-amplified electrodes for clean electromyography recordings - full specifications and connection details are available on-line. We carry a range of preamplifier electrodes suitable for our MA-100, MA-200 and MA-300 systems as well as custom EMG preamplifiers suitable for individual requirements or projects - call us!

Real-time Analog Data Acquisition - A unique real-time analog data recording and viewing solution for any EMG system. EMG data can be recorded and viewed in real-time, at rates greater than 6000 samples/sec over 32 analog channels. Unlike many other data collection systems, this device can be installed without opening the PC as it connects directly to the USB port. Installation and configuration could not be easier!

Accessories - We offer a wide range of subject belts, jackets and straps for use with any subject from adult to child. These are very useful when the test subject needs to carry equipment (such as EMG back packs) during a gait trial. We also supply coaxial and fiber optic cables for MA-100, MA-200, and MA-300 EMG systems and have recently started offering goniometers and event switches - we offer a new ultra-light miniature event switch together with connecting cables for use with our EMG systems. Contact us for full details.

Quality Assurance - The Motion Lab Systems Knee Alignment Device (KAD) was designed for used by VICON Clinical manager to define the knee axis during the static trial. Our KAD is a lightweight, aluminum frame that positions three retro-reflective markers as specified by the Newington and VCM protocols. (Spares and replacement parts are available). Call to ask about our trade-in policy for other manufacturers KADs! The Motion Lab Systems MDT-2 (in conjunction with the C-Motion Force Plate calibration software) enables any user to quickly check the active data synchronization and calibration of any Force Plate within their motion capture environment.