Click on the icons below to download evaluation copies of our software. Each software package will install a version of the software that you can use to evaluate its functionality. Each application can be completely removed from your system when uninstalled or can be converted to a licensed version by purchasing a software licence. These applications will run on most 32-bit Windows operating systems or emulators (e.g. WINE under FreeBSD, LINUX etc).

Our FTP site contains current versions of all Motion Lab Systems programs. In addition there are many other utilities and applications that may be of interest to many Gait Analysis Lab or Biomechanics Motion Analysis Lab users. The latest updates and bug fixes are always available simply by clicking on the "Check for Updates" utility in any of our recent software installations or by direct ftp download from this link

EMG Analysis Software

The EMG Analysis software ia a sophisticated EMG analysis program that makes FFT, spectrum analysis and Click here to download this applicationsignal normalization available to everyone from students to researchers. Raw EMG data is instantly displayed and analyzed to generate useful reports in a fraction of a second. All analysis results can be exported to standard CAMARC ASCII files, suitable for presentation graphing with our ReportGenerator software. Additional features include the ability to listen to any EMG channel via your multimedia sound card, instantly toggle the EMG display between "raw" and "envelope" modes as well as many analysis features. Fully integrated into the Windows environment, a single right click enables the EMG Analysis Software to read EMG data from any C3D file plus native formats from Dataq, BTS, Motion Analysis and VICON file formats. All analyzed data is automatically stored (together with gait event timing information) in C3D format files for instant retrieval at any time.

EMG Basic Graphing Software

The EMG Graphing software is an easy to use, basic EMG graphing package that is packed with features to Click here to download this applicationgenerate full color EMG trial reports and raw EMG activity graphs in seconds. It includes full support for age matched "normal" activity bars, automatic and manual "event" timing determination and many display options such as instant "raw" or "envelope" EMG data display. Analyzed EMG cycle data can be exported using the CAMARC "GCD" file format - suitable for presentation graphing with our ReportGenerator software. Fully integrated into the Windows environment, a single right click on a supported file format enables the EMG Graphing software to read raw EMG data from any C3D file as well as Dataq, BTS, Motion Analysis and VICON file formats. All analyzed data is automatically stored (together with gait event timing information) in C3D format files.


RData2 is a general purpose biomechanics file translation utility that reads any C3D file, Oxford Metrics 370 VAD Click here to download this applicationfile or RSX analog data file, Motion Analysis ANA file (analog data), BTS EMG file or Dataq Instruments data files. RData2 is the only biomechanics applications that supports ASCII data export of data from more than a single 3D motion capture manufacturer. The raw data from any of these formats can be exported using the CAMARC DST format or a user customizable ASCII text format suitable for Excel and other data analysis applications. In addition, RData2 includes support to create specific DST formatted files for the Whisper EMG test set as well as generate DST files for the Vaughan, Davis, O'Connor "GaitCD" biomechanics and gait analysis program.


MLSviewer is our free biomechanics file viewer and display utility with the ability to view C3D files as well as all ASCII Click here to download this applicationfiles formatted to the CAMARC DST standard (including VICON Clinical Manager GCD file and GaitCD DST files. Browse through the data parameters to view and print any 3D or analog data channel - includes full zoom control of the data graphing to display individual data samples or entire channels (copy and paste support included). The installation includes a number of free bonus utilities; C3Dsearch - finds C3D files that contain specific parameters or values, DSTeditor - a graphical editor for GCD and DST files, GCDexport - a statistics and averaging application for GCD files, full GCD and DST CAMARC format descriptions, and OrthoTrackGCD - a utility that displays the contents of Motion Analysis .XLS files from OrthoTrack and exports the data to the GCD format.


The C3Deditor is the premier application for anyone programming with C3D files and includes Internet links directly to Click here to download this applicationthe C3D format web site for complete up-to-date information. Fully integrated into the Windows environment, a single right click on any C3D file enables the C3Deditor to view, edit, delete and create parameters and data in every C3D file format. Includes "drag and drop" support for batch mode processing, 3D interpolation, data filtering using Butterworth and digital, lag-less FIR filters and many other powerful features. In addition to its editing abilities, the editor can repair many common C3D file problems, translate between SGI, PC and DEC formats, convert data between REAL and INTEGER types, and convert analog data between signed and unsigned binary formats.


The C3Dserver is a free C3D SDK (software development kit) provides high level access to the contents of any C3D Click here to download this applicationfile without worrying about the specific formatting details of any individual C3D file. Programs can be written using macros within Word documents and Excel spreadsheets to directly access and change data in C3D files. The C3Dserver includes a sample application (written in Visual Basic) that edits C3D files together with the application source code. The fully functional evaluation edition is available free of charge to all non-commercial and educational users. A faster, optimized version is available for individual purchase or for commercial development.


ReportGenerator ia a clinical and research tool that can generate "VCM-style" clinical reports from standard GCD files as well as Click here to download this applicationVicon "Plug in Gait" C3D files and Motion Analysis Corporation "Orthotrack" XLS files. ReportGenerator can open and plot up to 120 GCD files in a single report and includes the ability to print reports to paper or generate high resolution graphics files for slides, presentations or integration into Word, Power Point or Excel etc. Individual report pages can be set to and combination of landscape or portrait format and multiple reports can be open at any time. ReportGenerator includes an interactive, graphical editor with full control over any aspect of the report. This is an essential tool for anyone using VCM or making the transition to graphing data from the Vicon Polygon and BodyBuilder applications. Recently enhanced with overlay capabilities that allow up to four analog data channels such as EMG to overlay kinematic graphs.


The OrthoTrackGCD program is a free utility that displays the contents of Motion Analysis Corporation "Orthotrak" XLS files Click here to download this applicationand extract normalized, GCD formatted gait cycle data files that can be used by our ReportGenerator application. This allows direct comparison between the OrthoTrak and Vicon Clinical Manager data by extracting individual gait cycles from the multi-cycle XLS formatted files created by Orthotrak and nomalizing the sample-orientated XLS data to % Gait Cycle. In addition, the OrthotrackGCD program displays the contents of the XLS files in a simple column format with a graphical display that shows the contents of each dataset. This program is availabe at no charge and is included with the default ReportGenerator and MLSviewer installations.

Graffiti - Freeware

Graffiti is a freeware program that installs on the toolbar of your computer and serves up fortune cookies and Click here to download this applicationother pearls of wisdom for your amusement and entertainment - it also provides shortcuts to our web site home page, and our biomechanics links page. Graffiti is supplied with a large and eclectic number of cookie collections and can be configured to add rotating signatutes to messages created by various email programs.

Graffiti has its own information page here.